Laser liposuction Cost in Dubai

Liposuction is the only possible way through which you can have contoured body. Which will give you attractive and impressive appearance and ultimately increased self-confidence and self-assurance. When making mind for liposuction you will have concern about procedure and cost. There are different techniques for liposuction and costs vary according to different techniques. Laser liposuction cost in Dubai can put off your decision of going for the procedure as it is slightly higher than the traditional methods. But don’t hurry you can manage it by having a look on following issues.

Laser liposuction in dubai is the newest and most advanced method. It is faster procedure and needs less time for healing also. Advanced devices and instruments are used during the procedure. So its costs will also be slightly higher than the traditional methods. But you can manage the cost by going through different factors and considering the most appropriate factors for the treatment. And you will be surprised to listen that relevant expenses are not as higher as in the traditional methods for liposuction.

There are different types of the procedure and you can select the one that is right for you. Smart lipo is the most common technique.

Area of body:

You can have liposuction in Dubai on various parts of your body. Cost will be different for different parts. The procedure on smaller areas like waist and arms etc. will cost you less while liposuction on abdomen will cost you more.

Selection of clinic or doctor:

More experienced doctor will charge you more. Same is the case with clinic. If you select to go for well reputed clinic, it will be expensive for you.


You can have cost effective liposuction procedure in the area having lower cost for other services for living.


Cost for liposuction varies for females and males. Male have more fibrous and strong body. Procedure of liposuction performed on male’s body will be more extensive and critical.

Some other factors adding to the liposuction cost in Dubai include the risks and complications associated with your general health. However there are less chances of risks in this procedure as compared to traditional ones. There is no chance of wound’s infections, which will lower the cost of medications.

You can go for laser liposuction by keeping in mind different factors adding to the cost of the procedure. At the same time do not forget the advantages you get from the procedure. Laser liposuction cost is slightly higher than traditional methods but the results are also incredible.

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Cost of liposuction:

Cost is an important factor in anything, whether it’s a product or a treatment. As liposuction surgery is growing with the needs of people rapidly, so cost also vary from person to person and area wise as well. Generally, this process cost more or less, on the average 10,000 AED to 15,000 AED per treatment session. But actually, taking into account the cost of surgical treatments, there is the number of factors that should also be considered for liposuction cost in Dubai.

  • The treatment Body area: Cost depends on the area which has to be treated if it’s a comparatively large area, and then automatically it will cost more.
  • Multiple treatment area: If a person wants to reduce fats from more than one part of your body, then the liposuction Dubai cost especially will be doubled accordingly.
  • Body Texture: If a person is much overweighted and has a large amount of fat to be removed then, the treatment cost will be increased.
  • Procedural treatments: Cost may also depend upon the type of procedure a person selects. If a patient would go for laser liposuction, then its cost would be higher than typical surgery.
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Situations that can Increase Costs

It is essential to be aware that many factors may influence costs once a procedure is begun, including complications and additional drugs that may be needed.

The heavier the patient’s weight, the more expensive an abdominal Liposuction will be.

When a patient has previously had Liposuction in the same area, the cost will be more, because the difficulty increases. Even fat retains scar tissue that is harder to remove than the original fat cells.

Alternatively, the cost of related procedures performed in one session can sometimes be less costly than having separate procedures.

If you elect to have the autologous fat transfer for facial wrinkles or lip augmentation, you may expect to incur additional charges associated with the preparation of the fat for transfer, and the additional injection procedures.

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